The Travato is Built for Touring

By · June 5, 2013 · Filed in Class B Motorhome, RV Blog, Winnebago

Touring is best done in style. Moving across the landscape is not only about enjoying the scenery that surrounds you, it is also about enjoying the luxury that is present in your retreat at the end of the day. The Winnebago Touring Coach line has hit the nail on the head by releasing the Travato, a Class B motor home that extends a full 20 feet in length. Unlike many of the motor homes on the roadway today in this class, the Travato provides responsive and nimble handling based on its inclusion of the Ram ProMaster chassis. The body also leaves nothing to be desired, encompassing all the luxuries that one would hope to find in a much larger, full-length RV. The handling of the space and the functionality of each feature makes this one Winnebago that stands tall in the existing lineup.

The 59G is a good buy upfront, and it continues to save owners money well down the road by providing excellent fuel economy. The valves powering its engine are ideally tuned and crafted for a performance that provides the most power for every pump. Drivers enjoy comfort throughout the cabin thanks to the LED ceiling lights, swiveling cab seats, and an abundance of electronics at the edge of their fingertips. For destinations that are well off the beaten path of home, travelers can rely on the touch-screen navigation panel. Once the destination has been reached, the comfort and convenience takes the form of a split dinette, ample sleeping spaces, and a bathroom that lets you maneuver with comfort.

The newest Travato comes rich in features that do not serve to merely inflate the price tag. Buyers will enjoy Sirius XM radio, ultraleather throughout the interior, and Smart Storage space for additional gear, just to scratch the surface. The Smart Storage innovates by allowing users to actually slide the units out of the vehicle in order to better organize and have easier access to all their necessary equipment. Another area of any RV that can easily become a major hassle is the connection port for sewer draining. When this item is difficult to use, the results can be a mess. However, the Travato is equipped with the Quickconnect System. It uses a coupling valve to ensure that the process goes smoothly and quickly each and every time. The TrueLevel electronic system, the MCD Rolling Shades, and many other features make the Travail a name that should be respected in its class.


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